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Thinky things. Derring-do.
  • Metamorphoses
    Five years ago, I wouldn’t have understood this book. Now, I’ve cried my eyes out over it. Perhaps the most painful thing about this story is the many clues as to what, exactly, Gregor had become.
  • Of Truckers and Trudeaus
    In his 1927 introduction to the Policraticus, translator and political scientist John Dickinson cites Luchaire and Guizot on the ideological conflict between feudalism and the “ecclesiastical-Roman” conception of the commonwealth and national...
  • Humanness: A Unique View
    Christianity speaks of body and soul not as two entities coexisting temporarily, or a meat machine driven by a magical mind, but as inseparable parts of an individual.
  • Should Women Think?
    This is our dilemma: If we think too much on the evils of the world, perhaps the pain will only overwhelm us. Or will it? After all, we give birth. And yet, too often, we surrender our minds.
  • Depression and Recovery
    They say a person in a coma can hear voices around them, even though they can't respond. They say maybe even touch and smell, and who knows, maybe the light the doctor shines in one eyeball and then the next. If there is a limbo, a place on the...