Kids and Consumerism

This is why I love Dana Hanley:

Wired’s recent round-up of games being marketed to “tween” girls has stirred up a few emotions recently.  With titles such as The Clique: Diss and Make-up, Top Model and My Boyfriend, the list reads like a list of the worst stereotypes of the “in” junior high cliques I was so never a part of.  They were reading YM.  I was reading The Communist Manifesto.  Somehow, we never hit it off. ~Principled Discovery

Cocking a Snook makes the point that it’s not about unculturedness, it’s choosing culture in a deliberate, thinking way.

In harmony with these thoughts, here followeth an interesting docu-perspective on consumer culture. The consumerist drift is something my parents tried to immunize me against. I am not into the politics of which American regime did what; I don’t care.

Mostly what I care about is, this is why Saturday morning cartoons now suck like they never did. (more…)