Scienda Quarterly’s Summer Issue is Coming!

The summer’s issue came together in a serendipitously beautiful way. “Do we have a theme?” the writers asked. “Just…summer,” I said.

And with little prompting from yours truly, Shakespeare met King David, life met death, and art met life. Also there is a bicycle race in the Netherlands that you must know about.

SQ Issue 2’s offerings are listed in detail here. As with last time, we have:

  • two short stories–one standalone, one serial;
  • two essays–one thoughtful, one pure fun;
  • a good book from a good author, brought to you by T.E. George,
  • and a good conversation, this time with the inimitable Mike Duran. An excerpt of that interview will be hitting this space on Friday.

Also as with last time, a free code for downloading the zine from Smashwords will be available through our Facebook page for a limited time, so please make sure to follow us and get your free copy. Smashwords will give you your choice of format for pretty much any e-reader.

The Metamorphosis of Doubt

This is the summer of my life, the time when life’s early rains and startling frosts turn to warm winds and growing fruit. Yet a blight crept across my summer’s first revolution, a niggling vermin. It sucked at the unripe fruit and left it shriveled, and it called me friend.

Doubt does that.

It was a slow and subtle chewing at the leaves in the place where I inscribe my days, with vague promises of excellence in exchange for my personhood, couched in a gentle gnawing that slowly stripped the growth away.

Metamorphosis is not just about the transformation but the waking up aware of it. Awareness is everything in such instances. Is there something non-verminous in our blood? The taint itself is not in question. When a verminous epiphany occurs, the question is whether we recognize it.

So I saw this thing that had become me, and I found I couldn’t live in its shell. (more…)