Real Beauty and what I’ve learned as a chubby chick

In my youth, I had a great body.

And I don’t want it back.

The latest Dove Real Beauty video has been going viral on social media, and it is emotional. It touches a core nerve with women. It makes us cry, and we almost don’t even know why.

I suspect it’s the contrast between what we’re regularly told by media messages and our peers’ attitudes, and the thoughtfully-crafted tagline: You are more beautiful than you think.

On the other hand, Jazz at little drops has a much-needed reality check for us all.

Why are so many females I know having such a strong reaction to the sketches video, being moved to the point of tears?

Because the message that we constantly receive is that girls are not valuable without beauty. 

Brave, strong, smart? Not enough. You have to be beautiful. And “beautiful” means something very specific, and very physical.

So here’s a weird life choice I’ve made, or at least, in this culture’s context it is: The conscious choice to be overweight.

Let me clarify that. What I mean is the conscious choice not to manage my weight or worry about it. For me, in my current lifestyle, that translates to overweight. For somebody else, it’d be something different, and that’s normal.


Does My Six Year Old Need Sex Ed?

Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Summary of Controversial Points

image credit: C.L. Dyck/LifeLedMedia 2010

“Health is a Matter of State”

So says a commenter on this news report. And that means sexual health, whatever it’s defined to be, is a matter of state as well. Eyes open, my American friends.

Repeatedly, we’ve noted and discussed the fact that the sexual continuum is not contained within acts of eroticism. We have discussed the role of men, whether it’s our culture’s take on sexual rights or the approach to responsibilities. We’ve talked about religious oppression of women, and modern secular oppression of women’s sexual rights.

Human bonding has a natural relationship to erotic behaviour. Normally, we think of that in terms of parental rights and responsibilities, including the responsibilities of child-raising. But now, with controversy breaking out over a decision-making process in Ontario education, it’s time to discuss the sexual rights and responsibilities of our elementary school children. (more…)