Simple Life, the Universe, and Everything

For those of you interested in the dialogue between science and religion, Guy Stewart has an interesting post that’s not so much about whether alien life exists (and can or can’t exist theologically), but what kind of alien life might exist. Everybody thinks in terms of a human-sentience equivalent when this debate comes up — and believe me, it’s a perennial favourite among sci-fi writers of a religious persuasion — so I found this refreshing.

Also, I confess to still not being back up to speed from the killer-headache-killer-housewifing stuff. The actual blog posts will return with an ambushy vengeance when you and I least expect it, most likely.

Until then, I’m going to curl up in a blanket and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hmph, so there, evil minor illness.

Does the Bible Contain Pagan Myths?

Awhile back, I wrote a post entitled, Does the Christian God Copy Pagan Gods? The short answer is no, and the explanation is over there.

But that post gets search hits for a related question that’s actually quite different: Does the Bible contain pagan myths?

The answer is yes. And also, no. (more…)

Does the Christian God Copy Pagan Gods?

Via this article, which addresses whether the Jesus story was founded on the paganism of the era, I made my way to this site, which addresses the question, “Were Bible stories and characters stolen from pagan myth?”

Even better, they have a page on Zalmoxis, which correlates to the background research I’ve done for my fiction work. Yay Tekton! More thinky things about this later.

I like Lita Cosner’s explanation, because it’s just so true, you can’t help laughing when you read the Gospels:

Furthermore, the Gospels don’t look like fiction; it’s not the sort of religion someone in that age would make up. The individuals who will later become the first Church leaders are shown to be dunderheads over and over again, whose greatest accomplishment is their unrelenting obtuseness. Mark especially documents failure after failure. In fact, Christianity is a study in how not to start a religion. The only way such a religion could have succeeded is if it were true, and if it had the power of God behind it.

The questions of miracles, religious scheistering for money, and the roots of Christianity aren’t real difficult. There are plain answers with very interesting information. It’s always fun to take a look around the world at history, culture and how the ancient Creator–who later stepped into time to effect redemption once for all–is an awareness embedded in the human story.


Monday’s Muse: Ethnic Myth from M. Lawrence Key

Multicultural. Legendary. Beautiful.

Hawa Died Last Week

By M. Lawrence Key

In that moment, we asked ourselves: had the Dust-Eater come back for vengeance and taken our sons from us too? In a way, he had, but at that moment, in our innocence, we never would have imagined how.

This is a deeply moving spin on the Hebrew–human race’s–origins story, framed in the style of an African legend. Something to be read thoughtfully.

Also, since an incorrect time setting caused this post to publish after most folk on my continent were asleep, here is the Seussian tale of quirky posting drama.

If you’re not familiar with the ancient Hebrew tales, and want to be beforehand, here’s the background that brings this legend to life:  (more…)