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"1-ton hammer" is a nickname for a hard-used truck.

Parenting in the Name of God, Part 3

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Although we were initially going to alternate posts to deal with the questions of Christ, the Atonement, and salvation, there is enough material which needs clarity and care that for this week, Dave continues as planned; next week, we’ll do a back-and-forth dialogue between us to wrap up our look at Christ’s person. Dave is currently working a more-than-full-time job, and just came off a set of night shifts that included little sleep, so we’ll take our time and do this well, rather than in a careless rush.

Teachings on the Person of Christ

To quote Cat from last week, “The specific underlying context must also be examined. Commonality of language is useful only when assigned word meanings are in agreement.”

As I read NGJ quotes, the picture that comes to mind is a house built without floor joists — looks good, same materials, you walk in and fall through because there’s no support. Similar are the words describing the person and actions of Christ in the Mormon doctrines, with a few obvious differences. The point here is the differences in meanings while using the same “Christian” jargon. (more…)