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The World as Narrative

The world is a narrative, not a science project.

I’m aware there exist those who think science is the only path to knowledge. I don’t believe them even as they are saying it: there are too many things they do and believe that tell off on them. They love. They hate. They laugh. They cry. They thrill to a piece of music. They consider some things beautiful. They consider other things ugly. And they use logic to explain to me why science is the only path to knowledge.

The world comes to us as narrative. We watch the seventy years or so allotted to us unfold as part of the grand tale. People do not watch the news for nothing; there’s enough conflict in this worldly tale to keep the audience glued to their seats.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Hegel understood this—the Spirit of history creating the ages through the dialectic. Marx understood it—class warfare as the engine of the narrative. Nietzsche understood it in the struggle between Apollo and Dionysius. Nearly all, or arguably all, philosophy, theology, religion, science, conventional wisdom, common sense, and in general abstract thought is in some sense at least a partial attempt to describe or interpret the narrative. That’s just the way it is. (more…)

Out to Sea…

A few months ago, I took a drive to the home I grew up in, located in a town along the midsection of Galveston Bay. It’s the center of my formative memories. The house was a few hundred yards from the bay, and my memories of it, though still sharp, fade a bit with each passing year.

It’s not there anymore. Neither is the chinaberry tree I spent hours in, neither the brick entryway gates, neither the back yard, neither anything else. It’s all gone, except for a slab.

It had already been changing: the new owners had relocated the driveway and modified several other features of the property. But in 2008, Hurricane Ike leveled everything and carried it out to sea. (more…)

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You…

MS Quixote here.

Anyone who’s been around Scita>Scienda for any length of time knows what a great spot it is to hang out.

There are several factors involved: the wide range of quality material offered, the top-shelf original writing, the eclectic and interesting group that hangs out here, the safe haven provided for opinion and fun, and the constant efforts of Dave and Cathi-Lyn to keep new material flowing.

Nevertheless, we all know deep down the real reason…the Dyck’s. They’re great folk, and they genuinely care about people. It’s readily apparent on these pages. I know you’ve seen how nearly every comment here is responded to promptly, and how each response is infused with genuine interest for what’s said and with a caring for the person saying it. You know I speak the truth here.

So, I agreed to pinch hit during June for the Dyck’s here at S>S. I do this primarily for the reasons stated above. This is a great spot, and I’d like to see its recent upward activity trend not sputter dramatically due to CD’s well-deserved June sabbatical. I have no reason to think I could possibly duplicate what happens here. Regardless, I’d at least like to keep the lights on for the time being, and I suspect I could get a hearty amen from the regulars here at S>S in behalf of the Dyck’s. They are, after all, our friends, and we’re all the better for knowing them.

God willing, I’ll be back soon with perhaps some old articles from my site, a series on the fruit of the Spirit, and some new material if I can swing it. Fret not…July will be here on wings.