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scitor [to seek to know , inquire, ask]

Scita: those things which have been widely sought to be known and learned, and have been enacted by popular consensus. A fancy-pants Latin term for pop-culture “truth.”

scientia [knowing , knowledge, acquaintance, skill].

Scienda: the skillful use of applied knowledge–i.e., wisdom. A fancy-pants Latin term for living beyond the herd.

A blessed life is a movement from the former to the latter.

My name is Cathi-Lyn. I grew up a self-directed homeschooler. I’m a music composer, visual artist, published writer and freelance editor. (Also, a sailor. Yes, we can pretend to be pirates.) I specialize in non-herd thinking with a deep love for people.

While I live in the world of thinky things, my husband Dave, also known as Captain Awesomepants, specializes in intelligent and dashing episodes of derring-do. You may find us gallivanting across vast tracts of North America, Dave at the wheel and me with my nose in a book while he points and exclaims, “But look!”.

Dave makes occasional appearances hereabouts to leave flirty comments for his wife and keep order if a Rude Fish should show up off the port bow. Other than that, mostly it’s me, with some occasional swashbuckling contributors.

What This Blog is About

Long posts – I write on the consequences and implications of how we apply morality, spirituality, knowledge and imagination to everyday life. Sometimes that’s analytical. Sometimes it’s lyrical.

Short posts – Just stuff, y’know? The ice boat in my living room. Botanical pictures. Travel landscapes. Indie musicians I like. Frank discussions on sex and religion. You are welcome to join me in thriving on the unpredictability.

From scita to scienda. You’ve just been shanghai’d, friend. Let’s go.


I invite you to pick us up by RSS, email, or for more occasional and organized content, the attractive Scienda Quarterly.

Where To Find Things

Here’s the handcrafted index of Most Popular Posts for your browsing pleasure. In other matters, the posts are categorized in pretentious Latin, just for fun. Id est:

  • Ecce Mundi: Behold the world! Adventures presented in photographic/art form.
  • Locis Litterarum: All things bookish and literary.
  • Semper Fidelis: Faith matters, primarily as they related to women’s issues and culture.
  • Scientiae: Adventures in making things blow up, often featuring my husband.
  • Dramatis Persona: A little bit of my personal side, often tongue-in-cheek.

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  1. I’m glad to have visited here and I can honestly that I would like to visit again. I don’t often wander too far from ShoutLife, I occasionally visit a link, but never feel that I would want to revisit, but here it is different.

    I like it here.

  2. This is the spirit of the Bereans…. although I am wondering if it is too rare to be found in the female kingdom. I have met a couple, and got addicted to the type of woman who can engage mentally to the work I do. But I too have been tainted by independence of home-schooling, and find that the thinkers often hail from that realm. I do not think discernment should be limited to the male species, just leadership. Some men can use helpers who have a level of discernment that would balance their other aspects. But these ladies are not found on match.com etc etc… trust me I have looked. Sadly sometimes I agree with Solomon…
    Ecclesiastes 7:28
    Which my soul still seeks but I cannot find: One man among a thousand I have found, But a woman among all these I have not found.

    Yet I remember one I did find… till they married someone else. So the species does exist, but how rare is it, what rock do I need to turn over, they aren’t at the churches I have attended, so where are they?

    1. Women tend to invest their discernment into personal relationships, rather than engaging in the more measurable pursuits that tend to consume men’s time and energy. You may never see the best of us, because we’re busy building people, not universities and churches.

      “where are they?”

      Engaged mentally to [sic] their own work, not someone else’s.

      1. “More measurable”?! Interesting how you view men.

        If women are “helps suitable for” men why do you think they need to “be doing there OWN thing” and not “someone else’s”?

        The best women I have met were helpers of other people, including men. Women who help their male counterparts are fulfilling GOD’S role for them. If this angers you, then you should question one thing… who are you angry at, me for telling you what God intended women to do, or God for intended for women not to be independent like men.

        1. WOW! No wonder you don’t have a wife! I do , back off. She’s mine. Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, she (Cathi) is MY help, and quite good at it, thank you. I never wanted a Blond Baptist Bimbo without her own thoughts. If God had intended for women to ‘not’ have independent thought and action, he would have made them without the capability for such things. I had the opportunity to watch many as I grew up. I wanted a woman that could think and act independently of me and yet chose to assist me. That is what I have.
          As for “why are you angry?”, she’s not. You’ve not seen her angry, and may never. She’s not like that. There are many instances in scripture where women acted fully independently from men and were blessed of God for it. Jael, Abigail, Anna, Mary Magdalene, Timothy’s Mother and Grandmother, and many others. You are free to your own beliefs and can treat your own future wife however you please, but not my very present and existing one. Also, she never acts fully independently of me as she always checks with me if there is anything out of the ordinary. And that is out of love and respect for me as God intended it, not for my position.

          1. HAMMER-
            As we are each unique, so the type of help we get is different for each one, and I am glad you have found yours.

            BUT the issue is “independent thought”, but rather independence ie self-reliance apart from male guidance.

            My discussion was about finding women who ARE ABLE TO THINK. You reacted emotionally…

            I am looking for a thinking woman, and realized that the author WAS MARRIED, but was asking were women who DID THINK would be found in this society. BUT THINKING is not the same as a woman “doing their own work, not someone else’s.” This says that woman should not help others… specifically males. If you read this response to your query would you have a different understanding?

          2. Dude said what?!

            Look. Phoenix. As community moderators, our job is to keep this a safe-for-girls-from-unwanted-stranger-attention place. We have a zero-tolerance policy on anything that could make the thinky girls feel weird, including the most well-intentioned partner-seeking.You need to address yourself to a Christian men’s forum or someplace appropriate.

            Thinking women, married or unmarried, want to hang out and have fun exchanging ideas without having to look over their shoulder. It’s mildly creepy to be approached online by some random guy trying to find a spouse, no matter where his eyes are turned.

            If you’d taken the time to get to know us and our community, you’d understand the only emotion in Dave’s comment is a sturdy dose of humour. He understands how women do and do not want to be approached, as do the other men who participate here as guests.

            Best wishes as you look elsewhere for a place for your question.

  3. Proverbs 31 gives us a great picture of ‘the wife of noble character.’ She is a companion and help-meet, but she’s no wallflower, no shadow who exists only to support her husband’s important work. She is a manager of the household with her own talents, mission, duties, perks, passions, mind. While her husband is working at the gate, she is seemingly everywhere, up before the dawn, at the home, out in the market, working with the poor, making things, mending things, instructing her children, and generally making the most of her own time, talents, and treasure. She’s got her own ministry, her own work, which is vital and valuable and God-ordained.

    The idea of a thinking woman who exists only for her man’s work is quaint at best and insulting at worst.

    (btw, I’m a Christian who’s been married 24.5 years, and knows a bit about finding and nurturing and serving my own Godly helpmeet, just as Christ served his church.)

  4. “she’s no wallflower”

    Johne, I have been trying to acquire that Quiet and Unassuming Wallflower moniker for how long now, and here you go denying it to me again. ;-)

    Some of the best Prov. 31 commentary I’ve ever heard from a guy. Thanks, man.

    And if I could add an encouraging thought for the ladies around here:

    ‘Her works praise her in the gates.’ And who’s sitting in the gates?

    Her husband.

    ~John MacArthur

  5. Hmm…I recall that all of God’s adopted children–women and men–are commanded to help others. Why exempt men?

    A very tired, migraine-y day. Someone please tell me that I’ve misread the gist of some of the comments, or else this independent-thinking, single woman might skip her nap in order to make use of her God-given critical thinking skills…

    1. This conversation was awhile ago…your brother emailed me a brief and brusque (but of course, hilarious) reaction at the time.

      ‘Tis a good point you make, and one that Dr. MacArthur emphasizes in his complementarian teachings.

      I vote nap (because I’m the Cat, and that’s what we vote for). Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer today. In the meantime, I will pray about your migraine situation.

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