And That’s It For Me, Folks

We’ve made the move from countryside to somewhat less country-ish, and life is starting over all fresh and new. It’s nice. I want to go live it, whatever it is.

It isn’t what it has been for the length of our journey together here, my friends. In the main, social media has made personal blogging much less of an enclave, much less private. I’m no longer really comfortable writing a personal blog for all the world.

Along with that, there are just some things about’s newer social features and its online identity system that aren’t optimal. For me, they’re demotivating for writing.

Commenting here gets messed up on a regular basis for non-registered users, and comments are my bloggy lifeblood.

Changes in the subscription system mean I have no idea if eleven people are reading this, or a couple thousand. Stats were the other main thing I relied upon to figure out my blogging direction.

I do know that last I checked, 1/3 to 1/2 the follower count is spam and suspended accounts. Can’t find the real folk no more, and that number is no longer any kind of indicator how many might actually be interested in reading stuff if I write it.

In the years since establishing my editorial business, the blog on that site has mostly sat neglected. So, for the meantime, if anything I’ll be compiling more writing and storytelling info over at Scienda Editorial.

My only for-certain item here at this blog will be to (eventually) release the book that came of the essays posted here.

Good night, Scienda. The world turns onward.

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  1. Bye bye! We’ve been honoured with the chance to read your thoughts, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt equal parts entertained, inspired, and challenged. I hope you can be as much a blessing to those around you as you have been to us random citizens of the internet, and that those people will appreciate it as we have done.

  2. It truly IS difficult to figure out who is reading your stuff. I can have many likes and no views for a day on a particular post. Eh, I keep writing for the practice :) Best wishes, and I’ll see you on your other site.

    1. Yes, before they brought in “social features” on, blogging was actually more social, imo. The system now is geared to registered users at the expense of the general public, which most of my original core readership was.

      Thanks for stickin’ around… see you over there. :)

  3. Kinda bummed. I found you by sheer accident. I was searching for the dangerous theological teachings of the Pearls and this site came up. I liked your writings and aside from your love for the great white north, you seemed pretty cool (we’re homeschooling, midwifing/doulaing, board gaming, Bible loving punk rockers.) So, yeah, kinda bummed that this site will die. I feel like you don’t post enough!

    1. That’s probably because I haven’t posted enough. :) Which has led to the acknowledgement that the site has kind of died naturally.

      Never say never… I’m leaving it here in case it does turn out to be the right thing to be doing someday in future.

        1. I haven’t had a lot of time for social media, but you can totally feel free to look me up on Facebook–keeping connected with my relatives means I’m actually on there.

          Pages are constantly changing their rules of play, so I’ve ended up just using my personal profile with various privacy settings for everything. Friend requests are fine.

    1. Thanks, man… This is non-self-hosted WP, so I have no options. Over the last six months I was blogging, they decided to try to be Tumblr and Disqus and and and. It doesn’t work. (E.g.: all of a sudden, Quixote could almost never get the comment form to work anymore, and he’s not that much of a technosaurus.) If I go again, it’ll be either self-hosted or (gasp) back to same old Blogger since at least they don’t bother changing it.

      Either way, going forward I’ll likely use a pseudonym. Everything’s so much more interconnected than when I started, I don’t care for the degree of exposure.

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