A Poem on Skepticism

Because I’m about four years tired of both presumptuous God-haters and presumptuous ultra-fundamentalists who jump in with an agenda of schooling me on the flaws/absurdity/vileness of my personal beliefs, I thought I’d slow it right down today.

So, let’s have some free verse, so called. And maybe some butterflies and some quiet and unassuming wallflowers.


you don’t like
my premises
does not
me to

If you
genuinely want
me to,
present a case
the reasonableness
of your

(Stop saying “of course.”
It’s not a magic spell
that makes you right.)

Without that,
I think
your ideas fail.

Feel free
to call me
unworthy of your time
for being
a skeptic.

(No worries, I’m the moderator.
I’ll kick you out when I get tired
of the contrived hyperventilations.)

Feel free
to get
from any case-making
by my


don’t expect
me to be


by yours.


I hope I’ve spoken slowly and clearly enough this time, and that this post will serve adequately as a standard reference point henceforth.


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        1. I just meant I wrote it because of some rude visitors in the past and recently. It’s not really a poem, as I usually think of them — metaphors and such — just an exercise in making each word count. :) Thanks for your kind words. :)

          1. Your very welcome :) Just remember for every negative person there are 10 lovely people who think and say good things, trick is not to let the nasty ones get you down, there not worth it!! Keep up the great work :)

  1. Works for me..in perfect conjunction with my operational view of ‘don’t let the opposition define the terms of the debate,,,,,that really makes them crazy

    1. It does, which makes me disinclined to waste time on the melodrama. :) Nothing wrong with coming to mutual terms, but you’re right, unilateral demands aren’t dialogue.

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