Do Your Stories Keep You Awake At Night?

These days, writing is not the thing I wake up thinking about, nor do I fall asleep to it. Not my writing, anyway. It’s been a banner year for editing work, and I usually have somebody else’s story–and how to serve and honour that story–rolling around in my head.

However, when I’m writing, the tall tales do tend to keep me awake. Not because they’re so intriguing, though I love the work. Night is the only quiet time in my house. There are kids and a husband coming and going throughout my days, and I can’t get a straight stretch of creative time during the day.

This, too, shall pass. My primary concern is that I not miss out on the “now” by getting too wrapped up in things for which there’ll be time later. Sometimes, it’s the story that must be put to sleep for awhile.


It’s that time of year again. The American Christian Fiction Writers’ guild conference is just around the corner, and to celebrate the anticipation, I’m gratuitously borrowing from the excellent writer question of the day series of my friend K.M. Weiland. Follow Katie on Twitter or find her on Facebook. Also, check out her Wordplay blog.

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  1. I can relate to this. I’ve often stayed wide awake in bed because my stories just won’t shut up and stop throwing ideas at me! The peace and quiet at night is also great for writing!

  2. I find if I write for a couple of hours a day, that’s enough to make my mind be quiet. It exhaust my brain enough that it wants rest.

    I can’t write in the mornings. I’d have to get up too early, and then I’d want to go back to bed.

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