Till Next Time

In the breadbasket of the world

It’s been years since we saw each other. In the intervening time, a company has been started, books have been published, and a few projects have even been worked on together.

Grace arrived quietly, tired from the jaunt across western Canada. For a few days, we had a quiet synergy–a Kiwi nest on one part of the sectional couch, a Catbert nest on the other, and words being worked upon in mostly-silent companionship.

I’ve known for some time, this is someone who will have my back against the world in all things books, and allow me to do the same for her. That kind of working friendship is rare and valuable.

But it’s also a soul kinship, and we talked hither and yon, also quietly, and with many thoughtful pauses. I’m not much for small talk, and it’s a soothing balm to speak of heart things with someone who speaks the same language.

We’ll cross paths once more before my Kiwi friend flies home. And then it may be years again.

But the great thing about knowing God together is, there’s no goodbye.


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