A Manitoba Garden Tour

It’s the height of summer, and everything is blooming and growing. This is the flowerbed affectionately known as the “bean garden,” because it’s shaped like a kidney bean.

We have two vegetable gardens: The potato garden and the big garden, one on either side of the lane. I turned over the sod for the potato garden last summer with a heavy-duty tiller. We have 123 hills, and some corn in there as well. The three younger kids have worked very hard hilling and weeding. My oldest is there in a heartbeat for any heavy stuff, but not interested in helping all the time.

In the main garden, we have a passel of tomato plants (foreground), two rows of beans, seven rows of carrots, eight rows of onions, five rows of peas, some radish, herbs, bell peppers, and romaine lettuce. We did have spinach, but it went to seed as soon as things warmed up.

My oldest, Miss Banana, has been avidly weeding almost every day, and the kids have lately been bringing in a big tin bowl of peas every day. They eat some and put a bag or two in the freezer for winter, which is great.

It’s been pretty steadily around 27-35C (80-95F). For my southern friends, that’s a mild spring day, but since the other half our year is about -10 to -25F, we find it almost too hot to work. We have four full seasons–a good spring or a good fall are my favourites. I’m not too keen on the greatest extremes of summer and winter. But that’s a tale for tomorrow.


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