Sailing Races and Bluegrass

Our 16-year-old son (fondly known as Frodo) competed in the Manitoba Games this week, on the sailing team for our region. He placed 6th overall.

Our appreciation goes to his coaches and the folks at Sail Manitoba who work with the kids, and also the volunteers at the Manitoba Games who make so many complicated details go smoothly.

the starting line

at rest between races

making good time

He didn’t say much about the physical demands, other than, “Nah, not really sore. I went to the chiropractor, but I’m fine.”

He’s been invited to come out and race as much as he can this summer, including this weekend. He’d like to go out again, but for today he mostly wants to retreat to his room and practice music for many hours in a row.

I can’t really argue with that. For you, some audio. Here he is, playing banjo, guitar and bass in a one-kid multitrack bluegrass experiment from earlier this year:

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  1. Cool banjo playing, Frodo. You know, I was called Frodo too for a bit by a younger cousin. I went to visit her family after refusing to get a haircut for like six months, and it got pretty wild. What’s your excuse? Hairy feet? A strange habit of disappearing? Irrational claims that you see a burning eye floating in the sky?

    1. Ha! It was the hair, and also the appetite. He works on a friend of mine’s farm occasionally, and they started calling him that one day when he came in from the field all shaggy and hungry.

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