Revisiting Seabrook

This week, I’ve been stealing spare moments to do edits on the book I wrote with Good Sir Knight. (My husband’s name for my writing partner–think Monty Python and the Holy Grail.) It’s lovely and readable, and…I feel differently about it now. A lot less like I’m drowning.

We started in late 2010 and then took half of 2011 off while Marc wrote another supernatural thriller in his continuum of related standalones. So it’s been a long haul, but we’re almost there.

That’s my dude. Note the 10-gallon supercranial idea storage expansion unit.

I also have a cunning hat to store ideas under.

What Kind of Story?

It’s about a socially maladapted good Christian nerdy girl. She gets a law student boyfriend who’s her attractive opposite: outgoing, assertive, alpha male. The kind of guy who could keep her safe. He’s got his heart in the right place: He’s an up-and-coming lobbyist for American family values, and probably also apple pie.

At the end of the college term, he invites her on a summer weekend getaway to a strange house at the far end of the country. So how much does she, the lonely shy one, not want to lose this golden boy? How much does she want to break her own mold?

But actually, it’s a supernatural thriller.

The main concept is Marc’s. It fits in the same universe of weird as The Dark Man, award-winning Konig’s Fire, and his next novel (excerpt here). I added some layers to the story concept, such as unexpected romance, pure evil, and some magic realism with touches of allegory.

Thanks to the braintwin effect, and probably the fact that I’ve been Marc’s editor on his last two projects, we managed to not totally trip over each other with a clutter of ideas.

So that was cool. It’s got a bit of everything and hey, look! It’s still a book.

The setting is the Seabrook, Texas, area. My husband, God bless him, actually took me all the way down there in February 2011, in good part so that I could get a basic feel for what I was working with.

What it’s About

Here’s our summary blurb:

Vivian Berkeley is fraught with crippling shyness and a guilty past. Nonetheless, she’s determined to step out and answer the invitation of her college boyfriend, Brad Foster, to a summer weekend’s escape. But when Vivian arrives deep in the heart of Texas, she finds herself ambushed by a game she never expected to play, in a house she should never have entered–the infamous Seabrook Murder Mansion.

Meanwhile, the real nightmare is lurking in the very ground, intertwined with Vivian’s past and waiting to devour the mansion’s unsuspecting interlopers. Welcome to the shores of darkness…where only the sea is true.

Where Will It Be Published?

That’s a question that my writing friends have asked. They like to know the business side of things. The answer is we’ll let y’all know when we know.

Mostly, I’m just thrilled that I got to go play in Marc’s storyworld for a bit–one that I’ve deeply engaged with as a reader and editor. It’s a tremendous gesture of generosity to be invited to work with elements that uniquely brand his writing.

We hand over little pieces of what makes us unique as human beings in the exchange, and ask that the other person play nice with them. So I have a strong sense of gratitude for that.

When Will It Be Published?

Turnaround time from creating an intellectual property to selling it to production is actually pretty long in the not-self-published world (self-publishing is a much nimbler business model). Smaller specialty houses like Marcher Lord Press, where Marc has been published previously, can achieve quicker turnarounds. But really we’re talkin’ like a year to 18 months, at soonest.

That was Evil of You, Cat.

Yeah, I just talked about a book that’s going to be awhile getting here. I’m very evil that way. As we say in Canada, sorry. ;) I just wanted to warn you, because as soon as we know the next steps, I will surely need to celebrate with some fun. I would love it if you’d join me for that when the time comes.


  1. Dark Shores? (to go along with two word titles in his other books… oh, forgot it was “The” Dark Man. Darn it, Schooley!) I’m not sure why I’m so burdened to name your book. Anyhoo, love the magical realism and supernatural villains. Eh on the romance, and with your critiques on mine you better not make me gag or you’ll hear about it. This is me giving you the “I’ve got my eyes on you” fingers.

  2. @Tim, Ha! You just keep those eyeballs fixed right here, buddy. LOL It’s the kind of romance we talked about as a good way to handle it.

    As to names, I caved to Marc’s preferred title towards the end of drafting. It’s an expression that’s very meaningful to his writing life. When we do finally get around to being serious, I occasionally try not to be a total dork. Once in awhile. It’s very hard though…

    @Shema Bahahaha!!!! How well you know the lay of the land….

  3. Or catsup, appropriately…

    Printing imminent…will report back Monday with results. Expecting an excellent read this weekend. Nice hat, CD. Very cunning.

    1. The cunning hat, as worn by larcenous, murdering, but thuggishly adorable space mercenary Jayne Cobb:

      Jayne: “How’s it sit? Pretty cunning, don’t ya think?”

      Wash: “A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

      Jayne: “Damn straight.”

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