Small things (and not-so-small things) in a phase of galloping chaos. We are redoing the siding on our house, and it’s enough to shatter both our nerves. One part of the house is 60 years old, the other closer to 90. We’ve now located all the places that haven’t been touched since they were originally built. Argh.

But life is good. Here are some symptoms.

A new fridge that actually fits enough food for four teenagers.

fresh baking at midnight, to avoid the day’s heat

my prince has come, and he’s still here, rescuing me from my wilderness palace’s decrepitude. He’s my high school sweetheart, and I’ve been with him for half my life.

a fun hat that I love

My cozy fluffy workspace where I can also fall asleep watching the stars. Present and accounted for: Bible, journal, printed manuscript by me and Marc, and 21st-century digital cubicle (AKA the laptop).

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  1. That picture of you with the hat is adorable! I was going to comment on how clean that refrigerator is, but then I saw the part about it being new. My fridge is so old keep thinking I’ll clean it but then putting it off in case it finally breaks down so we have to get a new one (or until the New Fridge Fairy shows up with her magic wand). Suffice it to say, my fridge is a disgrace.

  2. I so totally LLLLOVE that fridge. Besides being bigger than our old one, it doesn’t have a freezer compartment (Mr. Awesomeshorts also bought me an upright freezer). So it’s 100% fridge.

    Somebody put an old bottle of sticky balsamic vinegar in there and it left a goo spot. I was like, “NO. THROW IT OUT, IT IS NOT ALLOWED IN THERE.” The old fridge was disgusting b/c I was like, do I clean it or wait just one teeny little more week for the new one?

    And thank you, ladies, for vindicating my taste in hats. No one in this house understands me. My daughters giggle at my hats and the boys mock my hats. Sighhhhh. Exasperation.

    1. Cute as a, I am informed. I believe you’ve been autocorrected, my love, although in my case, substituting “qwerty” for “quirky” is absolutely ideal.

  3. I love the pics! and I love the hat too…i have an odd assortment myself, though, most I probably couldn’t pull off, I’m thinking of the one with giant ostrich feathers in it. :)

    1. That sounds like a great hat! Mine are all hung on the bedroom wall, next to the easel that is my clothes rack till we get our closet finished. After I set them up like that, Dave walked in and laughed. “It’s very you,” he said. One person’s quirky is another’s normal. I say wear hats! :-D

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