Seven Points of Trivia and an Award

Via Jennette, with many thanks. According to the rules of this blog meme, after saying thank you, I must tell seven things about myself, and nominate seven other bloggers for y’all to discover and enjoy.

Let’s see.

1) Though I do my best to react entertainingly when people irritate me for the fun of it, I actually don’t like it. I have four kids doing it all day, every day, and by noon most days, the hell has already been annoyed out of me. After my limit’s racked out, only my baby sister can get truly away with it.

2) My almost favourite thing in the world is positive sarcasm. In other words, making hilarious fun of bullhockey opinions, attitudes or events for the purpose of genuine enlightenment and education. But there are other things that are even prettier.

3) I adore roses. To me they are not a love flower, they are an everything flower. Yellow for friendship, white for whatever, just pass the roses so I can snort them and feel the happiness.

4) I like jewelry. Jewelry, unlike roses, is a love thing–very precious and preferably originating from my husband. Or family members. The earrings I wear every day are from my parents and I’ve had them for 20 years.

5) I have a pretty-shoe obsession. Fastest way to distract me: take me to the shoe store.

6) I think gestures towards other people are truly effective when they’re founded on listening to what others want and need. Sarcastic hilarity, roses, jewelry and shoes would not impress me on the basis of their assigned social value if I didn’t already like them. I also like recycled brick, railroad ties, trees and shrubs, floor tile, a good claw hammer, my one-ton truck, and being left alone for long periods. See what I mean?

7) My life lesson still to be learned: Standing up for my writing work the way I’m willing to stand up for others. Writer Cat is basically gentle and submissive, unless collecting on nonpayment. Editor Cat tolerates no crap, particularly if said poo is flung at clients or colleagues. Perhaps someday the twain shall meet and the universal balance shall be restored at last.

Alright, that’s that. And now, you who are about to die, salute me. I nominate:

  1. YA fantasy author Diane Graham – Your spunk and honesty is better than gourmet coffee for a pick-me-up.
  2. Fantasy author Benjamin Collier – your humor makes me laugh as few do.
  3. Christian theism and philosophy at The Areopagus – Versatility indeed: from philosophy and theology to sheer quirkiness. Win.
  4. Writing, laughing, living with Linda Yezak – you are SO much fun!
  5. The spiritual journal of Laurie Mathers – I love your thinking, I love your way of expressing.
  6. Life, unplugged, at Faith Returns Home – you are so beautiful and strong, my friend.
  7. Unschooling, geek life and gentle parenting with Heather Young – it’s good to have a fellow untraditional home. Also, dragons. Yay!

How to play: 1) Say thank you. Or, since it’s me you’re dealing with, say something socially unorthodox, like “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!“. 2) Share seven things that will help people know you better. 3) Optional: Pick seven more bloggers you think others should know about, if you have time, inclination, and the kind of online friends who would like to receive a green icon with swirly handwriting and a flower on it.

Thanks again, Jennette. This may be my only post this week, but what good fun. :-D


  1. I know what you mean about the irritation-for-fun thing. It isn’t so fun after spending all day w/ 4 children who know how to push your buttons, which I have. I like how it comes up under your #1. And for the record, sorry I never wrote that feminist article responding to yours (which I said I might do). I guess people have been pushing my buttons too much to logically write on any issues right now. I divert to stories under pressure. :)

    1. Oh yes. I am a single parent for 10 days, about half done my time, and right now I am fully understanding the quip about wild mothers who eat their offspring. They’re pushing those buttons right at this moment, in fact.

      “I guess people have been pushing my buttons too much to logically write on any issues right now. I divert to stories under pressure. :)”

      I know exactly what you mean…I have a few drafts in the lineup that would be much more interesting than “hi, I’m not blogging this week,” but the headspace is just not right. Let’s plan a raincheck for an undetermined time whenever the muse strikes. :)

  2. Oh boy, oh boy, another opportunity to post boring facts about myself on my blog! Squeeeee!

    Everyone already knows everything about me, from the day I ate a green persimmon to my an 80-year-old friend with road rage who calls jerk drivers “hemorrhoids.” They know I’m a marksman with my .22 rifle who is terrified of bugs. They know my favorite vacation spots, my pet’s names, my mother’s history as a professional singer/dancer. They even know about the recent termite infestation.

    What else could I possibly reveal???

    Well, since it’s you asking, I’m sure I’ll come up with something . . .

    (Thanks for the kind words!)

  3. Only YOU can get away with mem(e)ing me! Because of my deep respect and unending gratitude for all the OTHER things you do, I will thank you and kick this can a bit further down the road.

  4. I’m a noncompulsory memer, so it’s pretty much totally optional, except for Marc Schooley, who is required to fulfill the mandate of his double nomination (Diane Graham’s post). I like the shout-out part, but not the obligatory rule of play, so I usually rewrite it. Faith Returns Home has a longstanding “no memes please” policy, for instance.

    Of course, when it brings up road hemorrhoids, Linda trying to shoot bugs with her .22 (no wait, I might possibly have the wrong mental image playing here) and the Attack of the Termites, it begins to sound like a pretty entertaining prospect. :)

  5. Hmm, pondering. Maybe will join in, maybe not. Usually don’t since I have done in the past so many times but it has been a while…

    (I thought I responded to this yesterday but for some reason the comment never made it.)

    I totally get the button pushing, the oldest is queen of button pushing and then the others get going and arrrrggghhh! The fact that they are all sleeping different times right now is actually a huge blessing.

    1. Ah, it was trying to ask me my login when I could barely think straight last night. THAT is why my comment never went through. Stupid

    2. I just have the younger two right now, and they are a pair of rabid badgers with each other. Which pushes my buttons worse than anything. “I asked you to do X, not fight about how to do it.” GRRR. Right now, they’re cleaning up their rec room mess with relatively little fuss, but I just spent an hour wrangling them (example, yes, no, thank you, NO, now this, NOOO, etc etc) to help constructively.

      No worries about the 7 Things…Diane and I are determined to torture Marc because he hasn’t blogged in a dog’s age, that’s about it :)

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