Month: September 2009

Just When We Fail…

The missionary told us how he left Central Asia. His heart was heavy; he was loaded in one of those little trucks with 21 other people, its engine struggling to haul them up into the hills of only the Lord knows where. He was leaving his beloved disciples behind for good.

Twenty-some years before, he had been sent. The man who supported him, who gave him liftoff, had once been a missionary even longer before. Had become a pastor. Had changed our missionary’s life with his mentorship. Now, our friend would come home, not knowing where it was leading.


Atheism and Determinism

A suicidal atheist writes to a creationist ministry:

Atheists often say that they can truly live a happy, fulfilling life. Yet this is a lie, a deception which damns millions of souls to darkness…

Simply put, atheism destroys the possibility of personal identity, choice, and objective and subjective meaning.

Atheism inescapably leads to naturalism, and from naturalism follows atheism’s great skeleton which its followers try to keep hidden; determinism.

Determinism is inescapable if one is a naturalist, as all that exists is material and has come about by purely natural processes.

This means then, that the mind of man, our greatest treasure, is reducible to material bound by physical laws; namely, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are reducible to reactions of chemicals in the brain.

Few people realize, then, that this destroys all that makes us human.



Call the Exterminator


Yes. There are mice all over my sidebar. The reason I’ve failed to exterminate them is that they’re too smart for me. Here is the story of the little French mice. And that’s all ya get.

I know. It’s been a sucky, boring week or more around here. Sorry about that–I’m incredibly busy doing conference logistics. On the upside, I met the most fascinating man in Winnipeg this week. (more…)

Random Points of Interest

  • SERIOUS: John Plantz, a Jewish believer who will (God willing) be speaking at Westman Bible Conference 2010: The Passover (at SermonAudio).

What I learned: Wow. We miss a lot about Christ.

What I learned: the rise of Asia is no joke, BMW. Take them seriously.

What I learned: “all political systems are divine expressions.” Why, thank you, Maitreya the Christ, for so quickly convincing me not to believe in your purported wisdom.

What I learned: Never underestimate the intelligence behind a pop culture phenom.

Wait. I knew that. 42.

1 Quick Cure for Boredom

Two days ago, I was slammed to the floor with the most violent case of vertigo I’ve ever experienced. I had the interesting experience of lying curled in a ball, my brain and skull apparently doing the jive in opposite directions from one another, while I tried not to vomit and grappled for some sense of up, down, left or right. Not so I could move, just so I could tell which way my ribs were expanding when I tried to breathe. Because I wasn’t sure anymore.

It seems I have an inner ear infection, the only other symptom of which is occasional mild irritation on the right side of my throat, up in the ear canal area. Walking across the room has been an adventure from time to time.

The rest of the family is at the lake, enjoying the last sailing day of the year, after which the boat is coming home to be parked (and hopefully painted). I’m going nuts missing out, but I’m fully certain that vertigo and sailing do not mix well.

However, last night, I had a lovely conversation with the wife of Westman Bible Conference speaker Carl Teichrib. They are (full disclosure!) good friends of ours, as is often the case within the small circles of Manitoba church life. Nonetheless, our friendship doesn’t appear to detract in any way from Carl’s occupation as a writer and international speaker on the intersection of trends in politics, religion and economics.

Amazing what you’ll find in the Canadian backwoods, and what happens when it sallies forth for some derring-do.

Since sitting still is the best option for me right now, today I updated the conference website and added an audio presentation from our Mr. Teichrib, given at a local church. The topic is “No Fear,” and the range of address, from Christianity to New Age, small-town life to UN, is fascinating.

Big Brother is Watching Your Futile Resistance

BorgQuite frankly, the whole idea of a national leader issuing a curriculum guide to go with his speech is sort of beyond me, as it is for many of the…as a free-educator type, how I long to say victims, in a totally non-partisan way. Not to pretend schools aren’t full of political, religious and social propaganda anyway.

Likewise, I have many thoughts about the incident of a coach taking a group of teens to a church service, the resultant baptisms, and the resultant hullabaloo.  (more…)