Blog Carnival; Post-Abortion Interview

Writer….Interrupted has the Carnival of Christian Writers up today, full of great links for writers.

I suppose I’ll be over there shortly, come May, since I’m the guest columnist for Wednesday’s MidWeek Motivators. Oh, yeah, does that mean I was supposed to write something instead of just goofing around on my blog all the time?!?

Just kidding. No panic.

In other brief, rare and spontaneous public appearances, I will be going live with JoJo Tabares on her podcast, Grace Talk Soup, on May 24. We will be tackling a part of my personal story I don’t post much about, though I sometimes think I should really give the whole picture. The topic will be my experience with abortion as a teenager. We will be covering the lack of real women’s rights – what women aren’t told about the risks to their physical and mental health. We’ll also be talking about a misguided young man I met, whose stumblings pulled me out of the darkness I was in. He’s not so super-young anymore, but he’s still my beloved after all these years.

This is an especially important topic for guys. (Yeah, believe it or not.) The reason? If you get somebody pregnant, you have no parental rights. Having your child’s life ended messes guys up as bad as girls. There’s a lifetime of consequences. What torments me now that I’ve made peace with my side of things is the fact that I wrecked a decent guy’s life. He was the only one who wanted that baby.

As a clincher, if you’ve ever thought, “But I don’t know anyone who….” The current stats are one in four women. One in four has had or will have an abortion. Adjusted for demographic spread and repeat abortions (an educated guess from personal knowledge of the post-abortion community), you can probably call it one in twelve at the least.

And, by the way, you know somebody now.

[update: you can find the interview here in the archives for May 24th, 2007.]